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“A comedy-drama web series about how an odd ball pair of millennial women decide to join forces and become game-changers in tech innovation.”

Change starts with stories. There are no stories in mainstream media about women leading entrepreneurial ventures, especially in one of the fastest growing industries in the world: technology. Sure, there are a few about that “one powerful woman” or a love story with a career-obsessed lead. There are plenty of girl “besties,” damsels in distress and bridesmaids, with some that touch on women’s empowerment, but next to nothing that puts a woman’s partnership and their economic contribution at the forefront. In our effort to unite women, we often shy away from the deeper conversations around the complexities of modern day feminism and why women choose not to support each other and are forced into competitive circumstances where they feel as though only one can succeed.
BETA is the result of a highly collaborative initiative that was lead by an exceptional leadership team of women. Each person brought a unique perspective and essential ingredient to create a series that is truthful, professional, fresh and of course, entertaining. Our goals: To help audiences feel inspired by how two opposite, beautiful and flawed women choose to face the mountain between them and become a united front as they gear up for the trenches of scaling a startup. To help audiences to envision women as CEOs in STEM industries and outside of traditionally female dominant industries like beauty and fashion. To help women to process a challenging cultural landscape and a time of heated identity crisis across the nation. These changes impact all of us, regardless of gender. BETA aims to speak to these sensitive realities through a relatable, character- driven, comedic narrative that we see as the next big franchise series. There is a need for this story and now is the time.
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Signing Out

Two young women, still recovering from the end of their romantic relationship, unknowingly see the same therapist and are forced to come to terms with what actually happened.

The mission behind Signing Out was to tell an authentic yet relatable story about a first love and the journey through a break up. The creators were excited to write two strong female characters from a female perspective, as well as work with a predominantly female crew. While it is a relationship story between two women, the story aimed to portray a message that love is universal. Love is love and everyone can relate to that heart breaking, thought provoking, life changing experience. Signing Out played at 7 film festivals world wide.Read more